A. Unlike other companies, we feature our very own two 53 ft Long Distance Moving Trailers fit to provide you the best services for your moving experience. We care about using only the best technology for your moving your items from Point A to Point B which is why we’ve invested in making it happen. Having our own long distance moving trailers gives us the confidence that your items are in safe hands since we know how well we keep all our equipment maintained and in tip-top condition.

A. Any item that you or your family can use while traveling to your new location that is easy enough to carry. These items may include toiletries, food, clothes and other important medication as well. In addition to this, never have important documents shipped since these should be taken with you especially if you are moving to a different country or place that may require your documents to be presented.

A. Choose an established moving service that has experience and an excellent track record. After getting your list of potential moving services, make sure to also request for a quote so you also have the best pricing. Aside from the pricing only, make sure also of the package included since these are important such as insurance, moving trailers used for the moving and more.

A. Getting an initial estimate is important and convenient especially if it can be done online. On our website, you can easily get a service estimate. Make sure to list all your movable items, weight, and size since these are all taken into account when determining the estimate.

A. Choose a day in the week where you and the whole family can set aside the undivided time to sort out all the stuff together. You usually start packing the things in the house that you seldom use or least important. As you move towards packing the essentials by that time you will be deciding if these items need to be carried during your trip or carried by the moving trucks.

A. As soon as you settle in your new home, you can update your new address. If you are moving to a new location in the US then proceed to usps.com/move.

A. Our team does not rely on getting tips to determine the effort level of service we provide. With tip or no tip, you can be sure our service is of the same excellent quality. If you do decide to tip, any amount will be greatly appreciated by the team if done so. At the end of the day, our service provided is what matters to us.

A. All major credit cards or Checks are accepted. Any additional payment methods will vary depending on your location.

Rates and Services

A. The cost of providing moving services depends on the destination, the amount of items needed to be shipped and complexity of the moving service scenario. You can easily utilize our service estimate tool to easily determine the cost, number of items and more.


  • Distance from Point A to Point B
  • Size and Amount Items to be moved
  • Travel Time and Route Location

A. If you need assistance with packing difficult and challenging items such as breakables, we also provide professional packing services to help ease the load from you. Our team also specializes in packing items of different sizes and fragility. We only use the best packing equipment to ensure all your items are safe during the moving process.

A. It all depends on the number of items, size and many more. All scenarios are unique which is why we adapt to your moving services requirement.

Here are the Different Box Sizes we Offer:

  • Small box (1.5 ft3): best for heavy items such as books, canned goods, shoes, etc.
  • Medium box (3 ft3): best for items without a uniform shape such as lamps, lamp shades, or small kitchen appliances.
  • Large box (4.5 ft3) and extra-large box (6 ft3): best for light items like pillows and bedding.
  • Picture box: best for framed artwork, mirrors, and other thin items that are fragile and breakable.
  • Dish barrel and dish pack inserts: best for packing dishes and other fragile kitchen items.
  • Wardrobe box: best for clothes on hangers.


  • You first choose the box type, make sure you have crumpled paper, packing tape, scissors and all other tools necessary to pack your items.
  • For fragile items, pack with care and use foam packets to to fill up the empty space.
  • Secure you box with packing tape.
  • Add extra packing paper on top to help keep a snug fit for your items.

A. Moving boxes can easily be purchases from moving companies. Hi-Tek Moving offers moving boxes of all sizes to help you with your moving experience.

A. We have routine routes from LA to Dallas and the East Coast.

A. We are either early or on time, it’s only either of the two unless we are faced with a natural disaster during the moving process. That’s how important it is for us to make you a priority.